Don’t forget to share how you enjoy your canned fish.

Canning has always been useful, but until recently it has not become desirable. Canning has also been touted as a solution to food waste, and supermarkets recommend that shoppers plan at least one meal a week using canned foods.

At The Fish Society, we love canned fish and want to share that love with you. We have a comprehensive and unique line of canned fish that is always popular on our website. From the delicious Ortiz canned sardines to the best canned tuna money can buy, like our Ventresca – we have more for you.

Plus, we encourage you to try one of our brilliant PATES. We currently offer a large selection of products from Fides, the number one brand of Portuguese fish sauce. From sardines to smoked salmon, each packet comes with four capsules pre-portioned for you. No wonder they are so popular.

Alistair claims that he would eat canned fish on toast for lunch every day if he could (we’d like to see him try it). His best advice: “All you need is a slice of good quality bread, toasted until golden brown, and then generously topped with as much canned fish as you want — and then start eating!

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